Resources / Interesting Links

Steinar's Hangar: www.seabee.info

International Republic Seabee Owner's Club (IRSOC): www.republicseabee.com

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Seabee Info: www.pearlharboraviationmuseum.org/aircraft/republic-rc-3-seabee-amphibious-sport/

Simuflight: www.simuflight.net

Robinson V8 Engines: www.v8seabee.com

Seabee Documents(Scanned): tugmoe.com/knier-seabee/?page_id=452 

Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_RC-3_Seabee 

Smithsonian: www.si.edu/object/republic-rc-3-seabee%3Anasm_A19840676000 


The Seabee Project Would Like To Thank:

(In no particular order)

David Carlaw, Harold Carlaw, Ralph Butter, Alastair Grant, Kenneth Potter, Cassandra Grant, Chase Reimer, Lukas Becker, Ryan Grant, Calum O'Connor, Steve Monkhouse, John Montgomery, Peter Zut, Steinar Saevdal, Steve Mestler, Rick Hatton, Connor Wild, Kyle Murphy, Morgan Pickard, Sebastian Gornicki, Doug O'Connor, Duncan O'Connor, Teagan Reimer, Brad Reimer, Solefit, Experimental Aircraft Association, Sierra Hotel Aeronautics... and everyone else who helped out in one way or another!