About Our Project:

We are a team of pilots, aviation enthusiasts, aviation mechanics, and volunteers in Ottawa who are currently working together to restore a 76-year-old, 1946 Republic RC3 Seabee, with parts from at least 5 different Seabees'! We are currently focused on getting our Seabee back into a fully intact, displayable, condition, but we hope to eventually get it airworthy in the near future. This company/project was first started in 1946 under the name, Como Air Harbor Association, located in Hudson, Quebec, and owned and operated by Alastair Grant, an avid aviation photographer, enthusiast, and proud owner of Republic RC-3 Seabee, registered as CF-ECV. Additionally, Alastair owned a Lockheed Hudson which he had begun rebuilding before sadly passing away in 1979. This passion had disappeared in the family for two generations until Alastair's great-grandson got into the world of aviation and took on his great-grandfather's passion. Alastair's passion and legacy have now been brought back to life through The Seabee Project, a continuation of the original company/project. 


Current Project(s):

*For more current projects see www.stittsvilleaviationservices.com

Republic RC3 Seabee CF-DLN - The Seabee Project

Stage: Restoration to airworthy or displayable condition